Keep your arms to yourself with Armbie.

On the flight or on the sofa, Armbie lets you read, rest, or scroll pain-free. Our unique design and stretchable fabric is built to give yourself the feeling of a long deserved hug.

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The comfort of home wherever you roam.

The Armbie is a dual-arm support device for travel and home. Made from a satin-like stretchable fabric, the Armbie fits comfortably over the shoulders and allows you to rest, read, and scroll in absolute comfort.

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Finally, a solution for people with neck, nerve, and shoulder pain.

I was in a car accident back in 2015 and the affects of the whiplash have been with me ever since. I travel for work and often find myself in the middle seat on 4+ hour flights. The Armbie is the only thing I've found that let's me sleep pain-free!

Review by Steve L. - Armbie Customer Since 2019

Cozy, Comfortable, & Safe with Armbie

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What is the Armbie?

The Armbie is the only dual arm support sling for travel and home use. It's made from a satin-like stretchable fabric tube that fits around the torso, supporting your arms, shoulders, and back. The Armbie holds your arms comfortably in front of you, allowing you to rest or read pain-free.