The Armbie Story

The scene is an International flight from Chicago to Frankfurt. I was sitting in Coach. I had a window seat next to a linebacker for the Packers (figuratively speaking) and an offensive lineman for the Bears in the aisle seat. I spent the next 8-hours uncomfortably holding and re-positioning my body and arms, trying to get a couple of hours of sleep. I had limited mobility and soreness in my left arm for the next 3 days. I knew there had to be a better way.

Then it struck me...I needed a support system for my arms that would allow me to relax without taking up too much room. The Armbie was born.

The next two years were spent designing and refining the Armbie. We found a fabric that is soft but durable, with just the right amount of stretch. Not too tight or too floppy.  It comes in four sizes so that adults and teens can find the one that's right for them. Our team is even working on kid's sizes too!

Now I sit in any seat in comfort. My arms are comfortable and secure. I can finally get my shoulders and neck to relax and I don’t have to fight for the armrest anymore. I can stretch my arms in front of me and my forearms are supported, making it easy to read a book or scroll through my phone without getting fatigued.  My shoulders are covered, so they’re warm, and I can even tuck a blanket slightly under my Armbie so I am as cozy as though I’m reclined in my living room chair at home. Now I am bummed when the flight is over!

I've even started using it at home and its fantastic. I can finally sit on the couch and read or scroll without getting that nagging pain in my neck and shoulders. It really helps with my posture as well!

Now you can try the Armbie yourself! Test it for 30-days risk-free. If you don't love it, just let us know and we'll send a return slip and give you a full refund. Have a question? Contact us at


Armbie_Chris Osse